Humax Electricals India Pvt. Ltd.


With the sole objective to provide effective solutions to the power industry, we, Humax Electricals India Pvt.Ltd. came into existence in the year 1991. Holding almost 25 years of experience in this domain, we have been able to position ourselves as a celebrated supplier owing to our excellent lighting solutions. The products in which we are dealing include Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Table Lamps, Table and Pedestal Fan, Electrical fittings and all range of LED products. Nowadays peoples are thinking about power saving, so the scope of LED’s are increase so now Humax is more concentrate in innovate and design elegant LED products in order to the market needs.

With the vision to become the reputed brand in India as well as foreign countries, our products are specially designed by the professionals to give maximum output with minimum energy consumption. The bright illumination, attractive colors, unique designs and energy efficient nature makes our LED lights suitable for lighting & decoration purposes in both indoor and outdoor areas. In restaurants, lounges, homes, hotels, offices and many other places, our lighting goods found their immense usages.


Our merits and strengths lies in our latest machinery trained and experienced manpower and our customer service. Our clients are our best sales persons as 90% of our business is through referrals and regular work from our customers it. Humax inherit strength is the built in manufacturing capacity to produce a large variety of luminaries through our manufacturing unit which are professionally managed adhering to stringent quality norms.


  1. To achieve global best practices and become leading lighting company.
  2. To achieve supremacy in project execution, quality, reliability, safety and operations efficiency.
  3. To relentlessly pursue new opportunities, capitalizing synergy in lighting sector.
  4. To consistently develop our competitiveness and bring gainful development.
  5. To be a responsible corporate citizen promoting human values and concern for society.
  6. To improve the lives of local community in our all project.
  7. To be a model in work culture through promotes learning, individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goal.
  1. To persuade ideas, talent and ethics and become the leader of employer.
  2. To earn the trust and confidence of all stake holders, exceeding their expectation.
  3. To uphold the leading doctrines of trust, honesty and transparency in all phases of interaction and dealings.
  4. To be an associate in national construction and contribute towards India’s economic growth.


  1. To build a global enterprises for all our stake holders
  2. To be the largest private sector lighting company in India
  3. To be the largest eco friendly LED lighting company in India
  4. To be the largest electrical manufacturing company in India

Our Objectives

We are committed to deliver sustainable excellence in business
performance by focusing on the followings.

  1. Benefit to our stake holders
  2. Realize the potential of people
  3. Meet of Customer requirements
  4. Reduce the power consuming
  5. Bring Eco friendly LED lights
  6. Bring affordable LED lights to any class of customers
  7. Save energy for us as well as next generation

Scope of Company

  1. Home Lightings
  2. Office Lightings
  3. Outdoor Lightings
  4. Industrial Lightings
  5. Entertainment Lightings
  6. Health Care Lightings
  7. Automobile Lightings